SAS Admin Online Training Course

SAS Administration Training, you gain knowledge on administering a SAS Manager Environment that includes the users, apps, and resources of that environment. Once course completed, you will have an complete grips on the concepts like SAS Manager and its terminology, SAS Manager Architecture, learn monitoring and managing SAS Manager, configuration settings, troubleshooting a SAS Manager Environment.



An in-depth knowledge on SAS Administration project which focuses on all the critical components of SAS Grid Administration will be provided by our trainer. As a result, you can increase your visibility and increase your efficiency and draw real connections between different components of SAS Grid Administration. You will also get the complete material covering all the aspects of this project.


SAS Admin Course Objectives:

  • Define the architecture of the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • Describe the Platform Administrator role.
  • Identify The Platform Administrator tasks.
  • Examine how to secure an SAS Platform configuration

Who can Join?

SAS Administration is being used by most of the world’s top multinationals. SAS Grid Administration professionals are earning very high salaries when compared with other technologies.With high demand and a number of job opportunities in this field,  the SAS administrators and system administrators who are responsible for managing and maintaining a SAS Grid Manager environment, as well as SAS power-users who administer the grid and use SAS software for grid computing will get benefited from this course


SAS Administration Online Training Course


  • overview and logistics
  • security risks and how to avoid them

Controlling Access to Data Using SAS Tools

  • using passwords with SAS files
  • restricting access to a subset of data
  • using passwords with SAS views

Controlling Access to Data Using Host Security

  • host security and SAS passwords
  • using host security on Windows
  • host security on other operating systems (self-study)

Encryption and Encoding of Data Sets on Disk

  • using the encrypt=YES option to encrypt entire data sets
  • manually encrypting selected variables with SAS functions

Securing Your SAS Programs and Passwords

  • securing compiled DATA steps
  • securing macros
  • keeping SAS passwords secure
  • keeping database connection information secure

Encryption of PDF Documents Produced by SAS

  • encryption of documents

Summary and Conclusions

  • comparison of security technologies

Introducing SAS Enterprise Guide Administration

  • exploring SAS Enterprise Guide
  • reviewing the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • exploring SAS Enterprise Guide’s interaction with metadata
  • SAS Enterprise Guide and stored processes
  • defining the SAS Enterprise Guide administrator role

Setting Up SAS Enterprise Guide

  • installing and configuring SAS Enterprise Guide
  • customizing SAS Enterprise Guide options
  • setting up and managing profiles
  • administering role-based settings

Working with SAS Libraries

  • reviewing SAS library concepts
  • using SAS Enterprise Guide as the Assign Library type
  • using the Metadata Library Engine
  • pre-assigning libraries
  • choosing the type of library assignment

Migrating to SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1

  • migrating SAS Enterprise Guide projects
  • migrating SAS Enterprise Guide projects using the Migration Wizard (self-study)

Learning More

  • SAS resources
  • beyond this course

Additional Information

  • example of using the SAS Deployment Wizard to install SAS Enterprise Guide

Review of Platform Administration Topics

  • managing users and groups
  • enabling workspace server logging
  • securing content in the SAS Folder tree
  • securing servers and files
  • managing user-defined formats
  • moving metadata

Reviewing the Platform for SAS Business Analytics

  • the platform for SAS Business Analytics overview
  • SAS intelligence architecture overview
  • defining the SAS platform administrator role

Administering the SAS Environment

  • exploring the platform administrator tasks
  • checking the state of the SAS servers

Monitoring, Logging, and Troubleshooting SAS Servers

  • exploring the metadata server and repositories
  • identifying SAS server types
  • monitoring SAS servers and spawners
  • logging SAS servers and spawners
  • troubleshooting SAS servers

Backing Up the SAS Environment

  • backing up metadata with the Backup Wizard
  • exploring OMABAKUP
  • scheduling backups
  • backing up physical files

Administering Data Access

  • registering libraries and tables in the metadata
  • updating table metadata
  • pre-assigning libraries
  • troubleshooting data access

Administering Users

  • registering users
  • exploring authentication
  • creating groups

Administering Client Applications

  • exploring connection profiles
  • using roles to control access to application functionality
  • exploring SAS folders

Securing Metadata

  • introducing metadata security
  • securing content in the folder tree
  • exploring the authorization decision process

Moving Metadata

  • promoting selected content

Leaning More

  • identifying next steps
  • using the SAS documentation

About Trainer

  • Having 11+ years of experience in the Industry
  • Working as a Senior Software Engineer
  • 8 years of experience in SAS