SAP Simple Finance Online Training Course

SAP S 4 HANA Finance Certification that includes the various aspects of financial planning, accounting management, enterprise risk through hands on projects. You will learn to work with real-time analytics, prediction and simulation for all financial and operational data.



SAP S/4 HANA is the next-generation business suite. It is a new product fully built on the most advanced in-memory platform today – SAP HANA – and modern design principles with the SAP Fiori user experience (UX).
SAP S/4HANA delivers massive simplifications (customer adoption, data model, user experience, decision making, business processes, and models) and innovations (Internet of Things, Big Data, business networks, and mobile-first) to help businesses run simple in the digital economy


SAP Simple Finance Course Objectives:

  • SAP Simple Finance Training arrangement enables ventures to grasp the advanced age to stay aware of new and developing plans of action to furnish chiefs with a moment of understanding.
  • With the SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance, the clients can shape a typical perspective of all the money related and operational information, give adaptable announcing, mechanize forms and right away assess the budgetary ramifications of business operations with continuous examination, expectation, and simulation.
  • SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance online course is an arrangement of answers for displaying the effortlessness of SAP Cloud controlled by SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance in understanding to back related issues over the world.
  • SAP Simple Finance Training is actually planned to offer an incentive key with moment understanding crosswise over finance.
  • The software products for SAP Simple Finance training are Simple Finance add-on, SAP HANA live, SAP FIORI, and SAP Smart Business. In these software products, an SAP Simple Finance add-on needs installation of ERP6, ERP7.
  • We SAP HANA live and SAP FIORI which are used for the reporting. SAP Smart Business actually includes some analytical apps that contain KPI’s. KPI stands for Key Performance Indexes.

Who can Join?

  • Accounting professionals, business analysts and consultants, business process architects and owners, project managers and business executives.


SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance Online Training Course

Overview of S/4HANA

  • Introducing SAP HANA
  • Introducing SAP S/4HANA
  • Journey from SAP HANA to SAP S/HANA
  • Key Facts about SAP S/4HANA
  • Differences between SAP Business Suite, SAP Business Suite on HANA and S/4HANA
  • Latest Versions of the software
  • Deployment Options

Overview of the S/4HANA Finance functions & Features

  • Introducing Simple Finance
  • Introducing Simple Finance Add-on
  • Advantages of Simple Finance
  • Universal Journal Entry
  • Prima Nota in Simple Finance
  • Simulation: Analyzing Universal Journal Entry table: ACDOCA
  • Simulation: How to Extend General Ledger Coding Block
  • Tables Replaced with HANA Views and Back Up Tables
  • Simulation: Display Financial Tables in Simple Finance
  • Effect on Existing Programs and Interfaces built on the Tables Replaced
  • Key Innovations within SAP Simple Finance
  • Providing an overview of Reporting Options
  • Introducing SAP Fiori
    • Transactional Apps
    • Analytical Apps
    • Fact Sheets
  • Simulation: Post G/L Document in Fiori.
  • Simulation: How to Open/Close Posting Periods in Fiori for Company Codes and Ledgers
  • Simulation: Display Financial Statements Versions in Fiori

General Ledger Accounting

  • Manage Multiple Ledgers and Multiple Currency Types for Company Codes
    • Leading Ledger
    • Non-Leading Ledger
    • Extension Ledger aka Appendix Ledger
    • Stacked Ledger
  • Simulation: Post Documents in Multiple Ledgers , In Multiple Currencies and in Multiple Periods and Analyze the results
  • Accounting Principles
  • Simulation: Run FC valuation with new features
  • Overview on G/L Account Types
  • Merge of Cost Elements and G/L Accounts
  • Simulation: How to Create Primary Cost Element
  • Simulation: How to Create Secondary Cost Element
  • Simulation: How to create an Asset Accounts as a Statistical Cost Element
  • Simulation: Create Default Account Assignment
  • Simulation: Mange Posting Periods for Company codes /Ledgers
  • Simulation: Post Secondary Cost to Financial Accounting
  • Simulation: Create an Extension Ledger and post a document to it.
  • Configure Document Splitting Settings

New Asset Accounting

  • Overview on Business Functions to be activated
  • New Functions in FI-AA (New)
  • Effects on Existing Settings (Transactions, Programs, etc.)
  • Overview and Simulation on Changes for users
    • Document Entry
    • Document Display
    • Asset Explorer
    • Depreciation Run
  • Test the FI-AA processes (acquisitions, retirements, depreciation) in SFIN2.0
  • Overview on Account Approach and Ledger Approach
  • Integration with the Universal Journal Entry
  • Posting Logic in New Asset Accounting
  • Overview on New Architecture in FI-AA
  • Simulation: Create Assets
  • Simulation: Post Integrated Asset Acquisitions
  • Simulation: Post a Partial Scrapping to an Asset
  • Simulation: Execution Depreciation posting run and Analyzing the Log
  • Simulation: Manage Depreciation Runs


  • Understanding the new architecture of Controlling Module
  • Integration of Controlling with Financial Accounting
  • Define a document types for postings in Controlling
  • Define document type mapping variant for CO business transactions
  • Check and Default values for posting in controlling
  • Define Ledger group for CO version
  • Explain COPA and Material Ledger in simple Finance
  • Simulation: Post and Analyze Cost of Goods Sold
  • Simulation: Process Purchase to Invoice (Material Ledger update)
  • Simulation: Repost costs with/without Ledger Group specific and Analyze the accounting entry created.
  • Simulation: How to check the configuration for Splitting Price Differences
  • Simulation: Post Price Differences: Variance Categories of Production Order

Central Finance

  • Overview on OSS notes to be Implemented in Source System and Central Finance System
  • Overview on Business Functions to be Activated for Central Finance
  • Overview on Central Finance Architecture
  • Overview on Interfaces in Central Finance
  • Overview on Master Data Governance (MDG)
  • Configure Settings for Central Finance
    • General Settings
    • Mapping
    • Initial Load Settings
  • Overview on tables set up in SLT
  • Simulation: Initial Data Loading
  • Simulation: Replicate FI and CO Master Records from source system to Central Finance system
  • Simulation: Replicate FICO documents, Only CO document and Cost Objects (Internal Orders, Maintenance Orders, Process Orders)
  • Simulation: Replicate Document Changes, Reversal, Payment Document
  • Simulation: Replicate Accounting Document from P2P cycle and OTC cycle and analyze the results
  • Simulate: Document splitting test Cases from source system (Where New G/l was not activated) to Central Finance
  • Overview on Application Interface Framework (AIF)
  • How to Monitoring and Error Handling in AIF


About Trainer

  • Having 11+ years of experience in the Industry
  • Working as a Senior Software Engineer
  • 4 years of experience in SAP S4 HANA